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The tools and real estate services that Immobili Royal makes available to ensure a quick and safe sale are:

Salability analysis and identification of the best price:

The identification of a real real estate value is the first fundamental step to reach the conclusion of a sale. Real Estate Royal, thanks to the deep knowledge of the real estate market, evaluates your home in a precise way, identifying the right price in line with the parameters of the reference market.

Promotion of your property through the use of various channels:

  • Web channels : A dynamic and modern website to ensure maximum visibility for your property and the best real estate ad portals. Thanks to the potential of our online advertising campaigns, the ad of your property will be visible all over the world.

  • Traditional Channels : advertisements in the local press, billboards, shop window signs, brochures, street posters, flyers and billboards.


  • We take care of finding the buyer for your property, through the requests of customers already present in the database by the agency to which are added those that we receive daily. We manage the entire negotiation phase with extreme professionalism, starting from the signing of the Purchase Proposal, passing through the drafting of the preliminary sale agreement, up to the notarial deed.

  • Inspections of your property take place exclusively through a rationalization of appointments and the potential buyer is always accompanied by one of our real estate consultants.

  • The presentation of your property is carried out with objective and professional methods. All Purchase Proposals received will be presented to you accompanied by a deposit check, drawn up on forms in line with the latest regulatory updates.


Immobili Royal provides periodic and constant reporting on the development of the mediation assignment assigned to us, as well as updated checks regarding the work carried out during the assignment phase.


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