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My professional career began in 1998, in a real estate agency of an important Italian franchising group. The very strong passion and dedication for this work has led me in a few years to directly lead real estate agencies with important positions of responsibility.

Thanks to continuous qualified training, I have always been updated with respect to changes in the real estate market, in particular on the technical, legal, regulatory and tax aspects.

The perfect combination of technical skills acquired and my character inclined to relationships with

people allowed me to carry out this fantastic profession with great enthusiasm

and with excellent personal successes.

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In 2016 I received the designation of CRS® Certified Agent, which means adhering to high standards of ethics, quality and professional honesty.

The Certifier, Council of Residential Specialists (CRS), with its 33,000+ members is the largest non-profit affiliate of the National Association of Realtors®.

CRS certifies the professional career of respected and qualified experts in the real estate sector and certifies, recognizing it, the value

specific education and personal credentials, according to strict requirements

for the designation to Specialist: an internationally recognized standard.

The Certified Residential Specialist Designation is the qualification issued by CRS, the highest professional qualification conferred by Realtors® in the field of residential real estate: it recognizes personal professional successes based on the experience gained by the Professional and on his qualified training. To date, there are over 40,000 CRS members active all over the world: since 1977 CRS has awarded this certification exclusively to Professionals who rigorously meet the established and required requirements.

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Since 2020 I am also an International REALTOR® associated with OID / NAR.

NAR - National Associations of Realtors is the most

important association in the world of Real Estate Agents, a real estate academy and a faculty


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