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The Immobili Royal studio successfully operates in the rental market and thanks to the provision of exclusive services, guarantees maximum security in every rental operation.

Feasibility analysis and identification of the right rental fee: Determining a rental rate in line with the real estate market is very important to obtain a rental from your home that can guarantee maximum tranquility over time.

Promote the property through the use of various channels:

  • Web channels : A dynamic and modern website to ensure maximum visibility for your property and the best real estate ad portals. Thanks to the potential offered by the internet, the ad of your property will be visible all over the world.

  • Traditional Channels : advertisements in the local press, billboards, shop window signs, brochures, street posters, flyers and billboards.

Marketing of the property:

  • We are looking for the best tenant for your property, through the requests of customers already in our possession, in addition to the new ones that are released every day by people who are looking for a house to rent. We professionally manage the entire rental step, from the signing of the Rental Proposal to the drafting of the final contract.

  • The visits to the property are always carried out by one of our real estate consultants.

  • The presentation of your home is always done professionally. All Rental Proposals are presented accompanied by a deposit and detailed information on the proposer

Update regarding the progress of visits and negotiations:

Royal Real Estate provides constant updates on the progress of visits and ongoing negotiations for the lease of your property.


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