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You can contact us to obtain a series of high quality real estate technical services, thanks to the availability of highly specialized professionals in this sector.

Energy certification:

the assessment of the energy requirements that a home needs, in order to compose a certificate that provides an energy class to the property.

Cadastral survey:

examination of the cadastral documents in order to acquire the identification data of the properties, land and the relative personal data of the owners of real estate, the graphic representations relating to land and buildings.

Mortgage inquiries:

allow you to determine the presence of judicial or voluntary mortgages present on a specific real estate unit.

Cadastral plans:

Mandatory in the preliminary phase of sale and notarial deed, it must necessarily be suitable for the actual state of the places.


Our team of experts will help you manage all the paperwork necessary for a real estate renovation that can guarantee a reasonable economic return for the investment made.


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