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The Immobili Royal company was born from a managerial idea combined with the twenty-year experience gained in the real estate sector by the administrator / owner Salvatore Gattellaro.

The firm, specialized in the residential / commercial sector, offers an advisory standing service for those who want to sell, buy and lease always in line with the continuous evolution of the real estate market.



The trust of our customers combined with our passion for the profession we carry out have allowed us and will allow us to grow constantly, thanks to our interpersonal skills and a considerable professional know-how that we make available.


Our management, thanks to the deep attention paid daily, is in

able to optimize the processes that run from real estate valuation to completion of the transaction.


'' Our ambition is to become the reference point for our potentials

customers, in full compliance with our code of ethics. ''


La firma di un contratto
Sell with us

Grazie alla nostra esperienza ti aiutiamo ad effettuare una vendita rapida e sicura

Consulenza IT
Rental advice

Operiamo con successo per fornirti servizi esclusivi in ogni operazione di affitto

Chiave nella serratura
Real estate technical assistance

Puoi rivolgerti a noi per ottenere una serie d servizi tecnici immobiliari di qualità 

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